Right size your team. 

Supersize your goals.

Get a world-class tech team of software problem solvers and product builders on a team-as-a-service basis, matching your development muscle to the task. One call does it.

All plan. No pain.

You’ve got a killer idea for a product. It’ll take expensive, hard-to-find talent. And once you find them you have to organize and get them to work together as a team. 

Our Team-as-a-service resource eliminates growing pains by using handpicked development professionals that have already worked together, ensuring team chemistry from the get go. And our simplified price structure makes staffing up super accessible.

Blow past standard.

Who said hitting light speed means sacrificing quality? Gsquad-level talent are industry forerunners who don’t just follow best practices, they define them. 

Ship Faster.

Fast changing markets won’t pause for your idea. Get the dream team you need now plus experienced leadership in agile methodology to move your idea through to production fast..

Outside suppliers can prove to be remote, self-interested and set in their ways. Our team leaders report to you like staff, keeping you in control at all times.

Stay hands-on.

Get a top-flight development team without the long-term commitment and high benefits cost of growing your permanent staff.

Stay lean.

We assemble teams that are essentially plug and play, made of seasoned professionals who’ve faced big challenges before and know how to deal with them.

Scale on demand.

We use SCRUM methodology to deliver a stable version every two weeks. If you cancel your plan for any reason, you still get full bang for your buck.

Risk free.

We help you anticipate your exact needs at every development stage so you get the right people with the right skills. In other words scale on demand.



Scale it

Progress status. Velocity metrics. Current version. Our proprietary TaaS platform gives you all the data you need in real time. Have questions or want to input? Just start a team chat. It’s your team after all!



Know it

We apply proven SCRUM methodology throughout the process, including breaking out teams and workflow in ways that maximize agility, minimizing turnaround times and risk.

You maintain full focus on the business of delivering value to your customers.



We'll run it


Simple, amazing pricing. No cancellation fees. No long-term obligation. 

Product Management

Quality Assurance

UI/UX Design

Includes for free:

Performance Dashboard

Works best for: Mobile app, MVP, Proof Of Concept, ...



per tech. resource/month

2-3 developers + 1 tech lead

Starting at

Product Management

UI/UX Design

Quality Assurance

Includes for free:

Performance Dashboard


Works best for BtoB & BtoC platforms, booking system, e-commerce solutions,...



per tech resource/month

4-5 developers + 1 tech lead

Starting at

Product Management

UI/UX Design

Quality Assurance

Includes for free:

Performance Dashboard


Business analysis

Works best for AI project, Business Intelligence tool, ...



per tech resource/month

6-8 developers + 1 tech lead

Starting at

New project? Need to boost your engineering team?


"Partnering with Gsquad to accelerate our product development has been a great experience. They deliver great results and collaborate like we’re on the same team."

Adrian Schauer, CEO Alayacare

Meet the experts

Management team

Technical leadership

Build the perfect array of talent to meet your challenge

and get depth across the board.

Stéphane Rossi


Fred Brunel


Daniel Mireault


Sr UI/UX Designer


Nicolas Ritoux

Sr Copywriter


Godot Huard

Fintech Advisor

Derek Jen


Sr Product Manager

Tommy Lebel

Sr Web Eng.

Ali Rezaei, PhD

Sr Data Scientist

Colin Surprenant

Sr Data Eng. Advisor

JF Duval

Sr Mobile Eng.

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